Weekly Wrap-Up – 9.20.14

LSQ has had a great week behind the scenes (shhhhh!) and also out in the world. While I can’t tell you about the behind the scenes stuff yet, I do want to thank K. Tempest Bradford, who has been spotlighting stories from the latest issue of LSQ in her weekly column on iO9. You can find the posts here, here, and here. Thanks Tempest!

In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, we are open for submissions for our next issue! Find out all the details here, on our submissions page.

We’re also still accepting applications for our volunteer positions. In particular, we’re in need of a couple temporary helpers/proofreaders for a couple print projects we’re putting out next year. You can read about those and our other positions here.

And now a taste to tempt you with columns you may have missed this week.

Judith Field treated us to a lovely piece on “Writing and rituals“, a reminder that setting the space for writing is important.

Jan Stinchcomb reviewed Elizabeth Gentry’s “Housebound“, which for fairy tale and folklore lovers, looks to be a must read.

We were lucky to have Sara Amis at DragonCon and she came back with a great story, and pictures, covering cross-gendered cosplay in “Four Whos, Three Avengers, and a Street-Fighting Woman“.

In “‘Geek Guy’ Probably Wouldn’t Sound As Good Anyway“, Miller Bradford shines a light on screenwriter Nicole Perlman, who wrote this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

KC Maguire continues to dig up intriguing YA genre books, this time reviewing “Gated” by Amy Christine Parker.

And Icy Sedgwick is back again with her awesome series on horror writing. In this installment, we learn “The Importance of Location in Horror“.

And that’s all she wrote for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend!