Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of April 22, 2019

Dear readers, welcome to the Weekly Wrap-Up. Feast upon the links below for a taste of what our blog offered this week. Bon appetit!

  • On Monday, D.M. Domosea continued her thought experiment on a world without sex by considering how that would impact religion in her column “The S Word”;
  • On Tuesday, we featured another Issue 037 author interview, this time chatting with Amanda McGee about her story “At Love’s Heart“;
  • On Wednesday, Erin Wagner showcased a fairy tale author sometimes lost to time: Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy;
  • On Thursday, Christina “DZA” Marie examined the Mary Sue trope in her monthly column “The Bitch Shelf”;
  • On Friday, we continued our celebration of Year 10 with a special behind-the-scenes interview with LSQ blogger Jacqui Lipton.