Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of August 17, 2020

Has the late summer boredom started kicking in yet? Allow our most recent posts to kick that boredom to the curb!

  • On Monday, Joanna Weston started the week with a glowing review of E.C. Ambrose’s historical fantasy novella The King of Next Week;
  • On Tuesday, new blogger Erika Kanda launched her speculative film column “Atmosphere as Character” by looking at Lucile Hadžihalilović’s thriller Évolution;
  • On Wednesday, C.S. Williams posted an enthusiastic write-up of Koji A. Dae’s Frankenstein-themed poetry chapbook Scars That Never Bled;
  • On Thursday, EIC Jennifer Lyn Parsons explored how her reading hobby enriches her life;
  • On Friday, Christina “DZA” Marie wrapped up the week by looking at parents’ roles, or lack thereof, in YA lit.