Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of August 2, 2021

August already? Time sure flies when you’re reading excellent content by women writers! Here are our most recent offerings:

  • On Monday, we kicked off the month with an info-filled news roundup;
  • On Tuesday, we sat down with Issue 046 author Elizabeth McEntee about her story “Perihelia“;
  • On Wednesday, Liza Wemakor wrote a thoughtful review for C. L. Clark’s The Unbroken;
  • On Thursday, we shared some bird-themed content from our archives to get you inspired for our upcoming themed issue! This included Cathrin Hagey’s post about birds in fairy tales, as well as T.D. Walker’s Issue 032 story “All the Songs the Little Birds Sing“;
  • On Friday, the bird inspiration continued! We pulled up Kat Weaver’s Issue 033 story “On Your Honor” and Anna O’Brien’s Issue 027 story “Mory Takes Flight“.