Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of August 3, 2020

One of the great things about our blog here at Luna Station is the varied content our bloggers write for us. There’s always something new and interesting. Check out this week’s posts down below and broaden your reading horizons!

  • On Monday, D.M. Domosea interviewed Maura García, an Indigenous dancer who brings speculative elements to life through her choreography; we also posted our August news roundup;
  • On Tuesday, we shared our dynamic interview with Issue 042 author Dana Berube on her story “The White Place“;
  • On Wednesday, Alexa Kelly gave a glowing review to Kelly Quindlen’s must-read novel Late to the Party;
  • On Thursday, Tiffany Meuret shared some advice on how to write through stressful times;
  • On Friday, Hayley pointed out the merits of the oft-overlooked Final Fantasy V and its focus on sisterhood rather than romance.