Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of December 3, 2018

Dear dear readers–it’s been a fantastic week at LSQ and our blog posts are proof. We’ve got a Quarterly issue release and the start of a month of crone-themed posts to share with you all and we can’t wait to get this party started. Here’s what our fab bloggers were up to this week:

  • On Monday, we had a double feature: first, a monthly news flash to keep you up-to-date and then we finished the afternoon with Tracy Townsend who opened our month of crones with a job announcement. . .
  • On Tuesday, Cathrin Hagey continued her thoroughly researched monthly column “What’s in a Fairy Tale” with a feature on crones;
  • On Wednesday, we were ecstatic to publish our Issue 036 and with it, an in-depth interview with our cover artist, Eran Fowler;
  • On Thursday, our very own EIC Jennifer Lyn Parsons celebrated the birthday of the amazing Grace Hopper;
  • On Friday, we rounded out with the week with “On the Books,” the monthly column by Jacqui Lipton where she tackles writerly legal questions.