Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of Feb. 26, 2018

We made it! It’s the weekend! Once again, we’re bringing you the past week’s posts all in one convenient package.

  • On Monday, Elora Powell had some thoughts on who the bad guys really are, in dystopian fiction and, well, the seemingly current dystopia in her post “Who Are the Bad Guys?“;
  • On Tuesday, Christina “DZA” Marie explained the myriad issues with whitewashing and how it differs from race-bending in her latest column on “The Bitch Shelf“;
  • On Wednesday, LSQ‘s editor-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parsons examined three coming-of-age comics in her column “The Well-Tempered Pull List“;
  • Thursday was a BIG DAY over at LSQ because it was the release of Issue 033!!! Our blog featured an interview with the cover artist, Kirbi Fagan, to celebrate;
  • And Friday, Cathrin Hagey, did a double-take discussing mirrors and their representations in fairy tales in her column “What’s in a Fairy Tale?”