Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of February 4, 2019

Oh, what a week. Just, like, in general. How about a brief look at all the wonderful content we featured on our blog since Monday to get you into smiley shape for the weekend? Here you go:

  • On Monday, we featured our monthly LSQ news flash to get you the latest on what’s coming up;
  • On Tuesday, we had a double header: first, Jen Gheller shared a new NetFlix animated series she’s enjoying and then later in the afternoon we featured an Issue 036 author interview with Stuti Telidevara about her story, “The Last Evening at Prosperity“;
  • On Wednesday, Tisdale Flannery continued her quest in exploring Tarot and applying its lessons to the writing life in her column “Tea with Strangers”;
  • On Thursday, Jacqui Lipton dug into the topic of morality clauses and why writers should be aware of them in her column “On the Books”;
  • On Friday, Cathrin Hagey provided some great fairy tale examples of literary alchemy in her column “What’s in a Fairy Tale?”