Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of January 13, 2020

Dear readers! Hope it’s been a good week for you. Here’s what our wonderful bloggers have been up to the past five days.

  • On Monday, Jennifer Karr reviewed Elana Arnold’s novel “Damsel”;
  • On Tuesday, we chatted with Issue 040 author (and one of LSQ‘s editors) Shana Ross about her short story, “Not Fade Away,
  • On Wednesday, Jen Gheller highlighted a much-needed uplifting anime series called “Carole & Tuesday”;
  • On Thursday, Eliza Sinclair had some self-care tips for writers in the new year;
  • On Friday, Erin Wagner began a carefully crafted re-read of Susanna Clarke’s novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and invited us to join along.