Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of January 14, 2019

Here we are, dear readers, at the end of another week. Staying warm? Staying well-read? We can’t really help you with the first one, but we sure can assist in the second! To get you started, why not take a peek at the awesome posts that appeared on our blog this week:

  • On Monday, Cathrin Hagey explored the hidden meanings and meanderings of wind as it features throughout some well-known fairy tales;
  • On Tuesday, we ran a double-header:
    • First, Erin Wagner shined a spotlight on medieval author Marie de France;
    • Second, we started a new blog series in celebration of our tenth year of publication! We will be interviewing our staff to showcase the awesome talent hiding behind the scenes to make this publication tick. We started the only way we knew how: with an exclusive interview with our editor-in-chief, Jennifer Lyn Parsons.
  • On Wednesday, Jennifer Karr emphasized the importance of interesting characters in her column “The Wordy One”;
  • On Thursday, Lale Davidson celebrated the work of author Kij Johnson in her exploration of strong female protagonists;
  • On Friday, blogger Calee Jordan bemoaned the sad, tragic situation when a reader falls out of love with a book series in her column “The Heart of the Genres”;
  • And special post!!!! On Saturday, Jennifer Lyn Parsons wrote an homage to awesome inventor Hedy Lamarr, who passed on this day back in 2000.