Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of January 21, 2019

There once was a blog on the moon

That rumbled the ground with a boom

So much content to read

It’s hard to believe

So you should really catch on to it soon.

  • On Monday, Beth McCabe started the week with mentions of some favorite SFF women authors of the past;
  • On Tuesday, we had Part 1 of an interesting personal story from Anna O’Keefe;
  • On Wednesday, Anna O’Keefe continued her story in Part 2 of her column “Fearless Thoughts”;
  • On Thursday, D.M. Domosea continued her fascinating thought-experiment regarding a world without sex in her column “The S Word”;
  • On Friday, author Suz Thackston introduced us to Medea, a complicated ancient Greek indeed, in her column “Waifs, Wolves, and Warriors – Women in Greek Mythology.”