Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of July 27, 2020

New bloggers and fun topics abound on the blog this week, dear readers! Here’s a quick roundup for all your weekend reading purposes:

  • On Monday, new blogger KT Howard launched her column “Spaceships and Notebooks” with some much-needed asexual representation in speculative lit;
  • On Tuesday, we took a trip to Jupiter’s moons with Issue 042 author Michèle Laframboise and her story “Ganymede’s Lamps“;
  • On Wednesday, Anna Catalano embraced fanfiction as her most important writing outlet at the moment;
  • On Thursday, EIC Jennifer Lyn Parsons reminded us of the importance of hobbies;
  • On Friday, new blogger Victoria V. started her column “Freedom, Books, Flowers, & the Moon” with ruminations on how we as speculative fiction readers can work towards a better world.