Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 15, 2020

We hope this weekend sees you well, dear readers. Here’s what happened on the LSQ blog this week:

  • On Monday, Christina “DZA” Marie celebrated Pride by highlighting books with LGBT+ characters of color;
  • On Tuesday, Issue 042 author Jennifer Lee Rossman talked with us about creativity, mental health, and her story “Depth and Meaning“;
  • On Wednesday, Joanna Weston treated us to a review of Cynthia Ward’s The Adventure of the Incognita Countess;
  • On Thursday, Erin Wagner did some compare and contrast with her Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell reread;
  • On Friday, editor-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parsons introduced us to Kishōtenketsu, a Japanese storytelling concept that focuses on quiet moments rather than over conflict
  • We also opened submissions for our annual themed issue! If you’ve got a story about an extra magical super fantastical CIRCUS, please send it our way!