Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 18, 2018

Welcome to our weekly wrap-up where we list out the awesome posts that have graced the pages of this blog from this past Monday through Friday. But first, a haiku:

Summer solstice comes

And with its magic we write

Stories for the light

  • On Monday, Beth McCabe began to unravel her love for used bookstores (and why you should, too);
  • On Tuesday, the LSQ staff announced two volunteer position openings: we’re looking for blog contributors and an assistant editor for the Quarterly. Apply now!
  • On Wednesday, Alexa Kelly discussed the sometimes difficult character assessment of “hero” in her review of the book The Female of the Species;
  • On Thursday, A. E. Ash examined the bad-ass bitch Dr. Aphra in Marvel’s Vader comic universe;
  • On Friday, Rebecca Buchanan interviewed author Corrina Lawson.