Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 24, 2019

Wrapping up the week with a snapshot of the posts that appeared on our blog since Monday. Peruse our wares, dear readers! Oh, and go check out our current issue (Issue 038) as well.

  • On Monday, Rocky Breen gave reading suggestions for the druid-inclined D&D players in her column “If This, Then That”;
  • On Tuesday, Issue 038 author Mary E. Lowd chatted with us about her recent story, “Looking For Sentience“;
  • On Wednesday, we had a free day, because even bloggers need a day off sometimes;
  • On Thursday, we had a timely top 5 LGBTQ+ reading list from Christina “DZA” Marie for Pride;
  • On Friday, T.D. Walker continued her column “Conversations with Speculative Poets,” this time with poet Jessica Rae Bergamino