Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 25, 2018

Hello! Welcome to our weekly wrap-up where we give a quick summary of the blogs that posted on our site since this past Monday. Here’s what the week of June 25 had for us:

  • On Monday, Tiffany Levin pondered some interesting connections between classic authors Dickens and Orwell;
  • On Tuesday, Elora Powell asked a deep question: who is sci-fi for?
  • On Wednesday, we posted an Issue 034 author interview where author Carly Racklin shared her thoughts on her story “Our Lady of the Wasteland“;
  • On Thursday, Wendy Van Camp shared an interview with author Elizabeth Gaines Johnston;
  • On Friday, we had a double header: in the morning, Christina “DZA” Marie listed her top five SFF women authors (see if you agree or can make your own list) and in the afternoon, Maria DePaul gave a summary of some examples of women in political roles across several decades of sci-fi films.


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