Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 4, 2018

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up! If you’re curious as to what we’ve been up to this week on the blog, look no further than this post where we break it all down for you.


  • On Monday, we started the week off with our monthly LSQ News Flash;
  • On Tuesday, blog editor Jen Gheller gave a review of the book The Language of Thorns;
  • On Wednesday, Cathrin Hagey continued her column “What’s in a Fairy Tale?” and discussed the character of the “free spirit” and its various manifestations in well known stories;
  • On Thursday, we had our first Issue 034 author interview where we chatted with Virginia Mohlere about her featured story “The Thing in the Walls Wants your Small Change“;
  • On Friday, Jacqui Lipton gave us some tips on the legal definition of trademarks and their use in book titles in her column “On the Books.”