Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of June 8, 2020

Dear readers, you’re all perfect just the way you are. To show how much we love you, we’ve compiled all of this week’s blog posts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

  • On Monday, we went over all the June LSQ happenings in our monthly news flash;
  • On Tuesday, author Carol Scheina gave us insightful answers to our questions about her Issue 042 story “The Midwife“;
  • On Wednesday, Jen Gheller examined the roles Black characters are often given⁠—or not given⁠—in animation;
  • On Thursday, law-savvy Jacqui Lipton went over what constitutes “copying” and how it pertains to copyright laws;
  • On Friday, we welcomed new blogger Ann Langley as she started her column “Foggy Mornings” by contemplating how reading our old writing can make us better writers.