Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of March 19, 2018

Hello, dear readers! Hope you all had an enjoyable spring equinox. Why not celebrate the now longer days by burning some daylight catching up on the blog? Here’s what we had in store for you this week:

  • On Monday, Imelda Corazon continued her monthly exploration into what it means to be a hero in her column “Musings on Heroism“;
  • On Tuesday, LSQ blog staff brought you an interview of Issue 033 author Meghan Cunningham;
  • On Wednesday, A.E. Ash gave us another installment of her review on manga,
  • On Thursday, we were excited to published yet another exclusive Issue 033 author interview with Diana Hurlburt;
  • And finally Friday, we celebrated the end of the week with Maria De Paul taking a closer look at inventor (and actress) Hedy Lamarr.