Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of March 23, 2020

Dear readers! We present another week’s worth of blog posts, for all your social distancing needs. Stay safe, stay inside, and please enjoy!

  • On Monday, Tracy Townsend dipped into dystopian fiction, and why teens are so drawn to it;
  • On Tuesday, we dropped another Issue 041 author interview, with Lydia Pauly and her story “Radio, Out by Pluto“;
  • On Wednesday, new blogger Anna Catalano began her column, “The Ongoing Exorcism of the Demon HetPat”;
  • On Thursday, Christina “DZA” Marie gave us some idea-generating tips that don’t rely on waiting for inspiration;
  • On Friday, Rocky Breen recommended some non-coronavirus public health topics to read up on in her column “If This, Then That.”