Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of March 5, 2018

Happy Women’s History Month, dear readers! Here at LSQ we love to celebrate women, both historical and well, living 🙂 Here’s a run-down of the fantastic posts we featured on the LSQ blog this week, all written by fabulous female authors.

  • Bright and early Monday morning, the LSQ blog started something new: a monthly news flash. On the first Monday of every month, the blog team will bring you some important dates and reminders from the LSQ family and some others odds-n-ends from the speculative fiction world;
  • Monday afternoon, blog editor Jen Gheller recommended three YA books featuring a diversity of characters rarely seen in fantasy novels in her column “YA Girl“;
  • On Tuesday, we had our first interview with an Issue 033 author — this week we talked to Holly Schofield about her featured story, “Heart Proof”;
  • On Wednesday, Beth McCabe put together an extra-special multi-generational post about Dungeons and Dragons and daughters in her column “Breakfast Anytime“;
  • On Thursday, Calee Jordan explained her opinion on vampires in her column “The Heart of the Genres“;
  • Then finally — Friday! Tracy Townsend, in her column “A Place Where it Rains,” examined Black Panther‘s Wakanda and how it doesn’t fit the stereotypical sci-fi setting. And that’s a good thing.