Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of May 31, 2021

It was a momentous week here at LSQ! We released Issue 046, our biggest issue yet! And if that still isn’t enough reading material for you, we threw some excellent blog posts into the mix:

  • On Monday, Victoria V. explored the imaginary worlds of childhood and the important roles they play in our lives;
  • On Tuesday, we celebrated release day with a special interview with Janaina Medeiros, our talented cover artist;
  • On Wednesday, brand new blogger Shawna Bethell launched her column “Space & Thyme” with an intriguing piece about a 13th century artist’s ties to Harry Potter;
  • On Thursday, Liza Wemakor reflected on the recent #BlackFaeDay trend;
  • On Friday, Andrea Hull recommended some books to aid us on our writing quests.