Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of May 7, 2018

There once was a quarterly

That was as good as good can be

Cool stories abound

And a blog to be found

Please read more and you shall see

Dearest readers! Welcome to another weekly wrap-up installment, where we give you an overview of the amazing content featured on our blog over the past week. Here we go:

  • On Monday, we posted our monthly news flash, where we keep you up to date on all LSQ-related items like when submissions close, when the next Quarterly issue will be out — awesome, important things like that. Go check it out!
  • On Tuesday, Tisdale Flannery visited with her quarterly column “Tea with Strangers” where she explores writing challenges through the eyes of the Tarot deck; this month, it’s the Two of Swords.
  • On Wednesday, Calee Jordan continued her monthly column “The Heart of the Genres” by bemoaning what she calls “the seives” — you know, those books that are so bad, so full of holes, that you just might have to gnash your teeth a little bit.
  • On Thursday, blogger Jacqui Lipton is back with her monthly column “On the Books”. This month, she gave us some insight on legal pitfalls in relation to clearing intellectual property rights in terms of music, images, and video clips you might want to use for things like a book trailer.
  • On Friday, one of our blog editors Linda Codega (@_linflinn) continued her monthly column called “The Fandom Files”. This month, she gave an in-depth look at the collaborative side of fandom; ever hear of the fandom term bangs? It might not be what you think. . .