Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of November 16, 2020

So many blog posts, so little time! For your convenience, we rounded everything up in one easy spot:

  • On Monday, Jen Gheller had more complaints about amatonormativity and badly-written warrior ladies;
  • On Tuesday, we posted our penultimate Issue 043 author interview with Alexis Ames about her story “Halfway Through the Dark“;
  • On Wednesday, the theme of darkness continued with Suz Thackston’s essay on the goddess Nyx; then, brand new blogger Renn Tan illuminated things with the debut of their column “Celestial Queerscapes” and a review of the new Netflix movie Over the Moon;
  • On Thursday, Andrea Hull suggested a mid-season movie;
  • On Friday, Ann Langley reminded us that it’s OK to feel stuck in regards to writing at this current moment in time.