Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 18, 2021

Our blog was jam-packed with great content this week! Let’s get you caught up with all of it:

  • On Monday, KT Howard shared some of the great WLW romances she’s read lately;
  • On Tuesday, we took a closer look at Issue 047 author Olga Kolesnikova’s uniquely formatted story “The Silent Decades“;
  • On Wednesday, Veena Maheshwari Raju put a Millennial spin on A Room of One’s Own; Kaya Kanda also introduced us to the inclusive visionary work of filmmaker Arkasha Stevenson;
  • On Thursday, Ann Langley returned to the stories that comfort her in times of hardship; brand-new blogger Ella Syverson also debuted her column “Constructing Fantasy,” taking a look at how romanticization can lead to richer worlds in our writing;
  • On Friday, Issue 047 author Ai Jiang talked with us about the magic in her story “Jinli Yu.”