Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 19, 2020

Looking for some magic and thrills this weekend? This week’s posts can surely deliver!

  • On Monday, Erika Kanda shared some research tips to help assuage the fear that you’re copying someone else’s idea;
  • On Tuesday, we spoke with Issue 043 author Victoria V. about the magic behind her story “Vó Úrsula’s Magical Shop for Soul-Aches“;
  • On Wednesday, Ann Langley described her writing process in a seasonally-appropriate way;
  • On Thursday, new blogger Victoria Zelvin began her column “Opening the Fridge” by explaining the term “fridging” and looking at Alexandra DeWitt, her first example; Samantha Penn also dropped by with some advice on how to create vibrant settings for your DnD campaigns;
  • On Friday, Christina “DZA” Marie set us up for a good weekend with some horror movies and shows starring people of color!