Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 8, 2018

Hello, dearest readers! Welcome to another wrap-up of the posts on our blog this week. Feel free to peruse the links below and don’t forget to enjoy our Issue 035 of the Quarterly as well! So. Much. Good. Stuff. 🙂

  • On Monday, Jacqui Lipton explored the legal questions that often plague writers regarding copywrite and trademarks in her monthly column “On the Books”;
  • On Tuesday, Wendy Van Camp reviewed the classic sci-fi/fantasy novel “Crystal Singer” by Anne McCaffrey;
  • On Wednesday, it was time for another Issue 035 author interview. We talked to Wendy Nikel about her short story “Rain Like Diamonds“;
  • On Thursday, Erin K. Wagner celebrated the work of Margaret Cavendish in her monthly column “A Woman Was Here”;
  • On Friday, we ended the week with another Issue 035 author interview with Izzy Varju where she talked about her short story “Dragon Fruit.”