Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 17, 2018

Wow, it seems like just last week we were here putting together the weekly wrap-up . . . wait a minute. Here we are again, dear readers, with a little list-sicle for your beautiful eyes outlining the new, creative, thoughtful, and fun posts our lovely bloggers have written for you this week. Take a minute and enjoy.

  • On Monday, Jacqui Lipton discussed agents, commissions, and what happens when contracts are terminated in her monthly column “On the Books”;
  • On Tuesday, Calee Jordan wrote about control in urban fantasy novels in her monthly column “The Heart of the Genres”;
  • On Wednesday, Wendy Van Camp posted her interview with fantasy author Deborah J. Ross;
  • On Thursday, we welcomed our newest blogger, Anna O’Keefe, to the LSQ blog family and she drew us in with her first in a two-parter opening to her column “Redefining Superheroes”;
  • On Friday, Anna returned with part 2 of her two-part debut series “Fearless Thoughts.”