Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 24, 2018

There once was a weekly wrap-up

That went well with tea in your cup

Take a peek down below

Because that’s where we show

How we like to make things all shake up

  • On Monday, Suz Thackston came back for another bi-monthly installment of her column “Waifs, Wolves & Warriors – Women in Greek Mythology” where she explored the goddess Athena and some of her modern day emulations;
  • On Tuesday, Maria DePaul posted a fun run-through of female comedy roles in sci-fi movies;
  • On Wednesday, we interviewed Issue 035 author Patricia Correll about her short story “Faithful“;
  • On Thursday, Elora Powell asked who needs a sidekick in her column “Frequently Asked Questions”;
  • On Friday, we had a double-header: first, we welcomed our newest blogger, D.M. Domosea, and her debut monthly column “The S Word.” Second, Christina “DZA” Marie explored how not to write a romantic subplot in her monthly column “The Bitch Shelf.”