Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 27, 2021

This week’s fresh content is extra fresh; we’re introducing a new blogger to our lineup! Check out what else went on this week:

  • On Monday, Samantha Penn looked at the similarities between DnD and RPGs;
  • On Tuesday, we talked fairy tales, worldbuilding, and “The Backwards Princess of Unusual Parentage” with Issue 047 author Allison Mulder;
  • On Wednesday, brand new blogger Amanda Lien debuted her column “Ill Lit” with an introduction to why chronic illness representation in spec fic is so important;
  • On Thursday, Issue 47 author Aimee Ogden talked with us about her space noir story “A Recipe for Trouble“;
  • On Friday, blog editor Cat Luria shared her MFA experience and offered some advice for potential future degree seekers.