Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 28, 2020

Oh, September. You were a blink away. But here’s proof that this last month did indeed happen! Four stellar blog posts wrapped up the month, and two bonus posts to kick off the new one!

  • On Monday, Anna Catalano examined the conundrum of writing sexual content involving an asexual character;
  • On Tuesday, Andrea Goyan treated us to an interview on her Issue 043 story “A Worship“; we also posted Tracy Townsend’s closer look at My Little Pony and the harmful message it could be sending to kids;
  • On Wednesday, Victoria V. ruminated on nature and the future’s trajectory;
  • On Thursday, J. Askew built a strong case for the need for good bisexual representation;
  • On Friday, Andrea Hull shut down her own excuses for why she shouldn’t write and just freakin’ did the thing!