Why should you be a patron of Luna Station Quarterly?

We started a Patreon page for a simple reason: we want to increase the amount we pay our authors. We’ve got some other great goals as well, ideas that will spread the word about our authors and the great stories we publish. You can see them on our Patreon page.

Today, I wanted to address a little more thoroughly why we want your patronage to help LSQ grow, and also what you get out of the bargain (hint: loads of awesome!).

Short story magazines have been struggling for years, that’s not news

Currently, we run LSQ by the good graces of a few generous donors and our Editor-In-Chief’s pocket. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is fine for the status quo, but is not a model for encouraging much growth.

The most important aspect of patronage for us? Paying our authors!

We want to pay our authors more than their current stipend of $5. These stories are worth much more than that and we fully support the idea that creators should be able to make a living wage on their creations.

We want to do all this while remaining advertising-free

We want to keep growing without worrying about getting clicks in order to keep the money flowing. Noble, right? Achievable? Yes, with some help from people like you.

What we need

It doesn’t cost much to level-up Luna Station Quarterly. If just 25 people pledged $12 per quarter, we could increase our pay rate to the standard semi-pro rate. Amazing! (BTW, if just 50 people pledged $18 a quarter, we could pay professional rates!)

So, when our dreams come true, we can pay and support our authors, but what do you get out of all this?

You get to be an active contributor to the success of Luna Station Quarterly

We not only publish short stories, but spread the positive word about women writers. We share their other publishing successes and provide a community where they can support each other and raise the profile of women speculative fiction writers everywhere.

Stay up to date and keep in touch

We also keep our patrons updated on our latest news and give you little tidbits and insights into the production of a quarterly magazine. Ever wonder how an issue is put together? Want to know the story behind our cover images? Curious what special projects are brewing in the background? Patrons get to know first and have direct contact with our Editor-In-Chief.

Get special rewards

We have free subscriptions to LSQ and provide access to our ebook archives to our patrons. We also have some really amazing print rewards coming in the next year and a few other fun surprises as well.

So, I hope this helps you understand what we’re trying to do with Luna Station Quarterly and what you can do to help! Patronage starts for as little as $1 per quarter, $5 per quarter gets you the ebook of each issue, and there are some great rewards on the way for those who pledge more.

Thanks for your support!