Year eight is gonna be great!

Hello dear readers and welcome to the eighth year of Luna Station Quarterly! There are is a great new batch of stories in this issue (when isn’t there?) and a gorgeous cover by Priscilla Kim. You should see the print editions. So. Pretty.

Speaking of the print edition, we’ve also got a fancy new trade dress on the cover. That’s step one in an ongoing evolution in the way things look and feel around here and a much needed upgrade. I’m a little in love with it. Keep an eye out for more changes throughout the year!

Before I ramble about that any further, why don’t you go dig into the stories? I can recommend you start off with Kristen Brand‘s “How Lady Nightmare Stole Captain Alph’s Girlfriend” which is a really fun read and our featured story.

If you’d like to carry LSQ along with you, of course I highly recommend the aforementioned print edition or you can get yourself an ebook edition as well. All the details are on the issue page. All proceeds from those sales go towards paying our authors and keeping things running.

If you’d like to help even more (and gain our undying love) you can support LSQ on Patreon. We’ve got some neat rewards for you and we would love to have you on the crew.

Thanks as always for stopping by and if you like what you’ve read here, please spread the word!

P. S. – Sorry for the rhyming title. 🙂