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Featured Story

"The Curse of Apollo"

by Diana Hurlburt

For each season there is a story. Some are more popular than others; Markos points out with a sly chuckle my expression of long-suffering when it is lambing time once more and someone begs for the tale of the boy Liberator among the king’s flocks. At any rate, tales are a more pleasant way of counting the seasons than taxes, and a few tales become so well-loved that their beginnings twine with those of the rituals they celebrate, with no endings in sight. So it went with the story of Kharis a Read more...

Latest News

Issue 036 Author Interview: Jennifer Lyn Parsons and “Joinery”

by Anna O'Brien

December 13, 2018

Today we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with our very own editor-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parson Read more...

Bubble Bubble Pasta Pot

by Jen Gheller

December 12, 2018

In today’s "YA Girl," I’ll be focusing more on the “young” and less on the “adult.” Read more...

Issue 036 Author Interview: Diana Hurlburt and “The Curse of Apollo”

by Anna O'Brien

December 11, 2018

Our latest issue of the Quarterly, Issue 036, has been out about a week -- are you enjoying it as mu Read more...

“There is No Friend Like a Sister”: Christina Rossetti

by Erin K. Wagner

December 10, 2018

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; S Read more...

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of December 3, 2018

by Anna O'Brien

December 8, 2018

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Securing Your Author Domain Name

by K C Maguire

December 7, 2018

Many authors today maintain their own websites, although a number of us prefer to use social media t Read more...

“Grandma COBOL”

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

December 6, 2018

Rear Admiral, Teacher, Mathematician, Programmer. For my column this month I want to tell you about ...

Issue 036 Release and Cover Artist Interview: Eran Fowler

by Anna O'Brien

December 5, 2018

Trumpets, banners, applause, and cheers! Our Issue 036 is out now and contains thirteen stories ...


by Cathrin Hagey

December 4, 2018

To be called a crone isn’t a compliment. Etymologically, the word derives from one meaning insult, ...

The Position Will Remain Open Until the Job Is Filled

by Tracy Townsend

December 3, 2018

Notice of Available Positions: Crones, All Experience Levels Desired Narrative Personnel Staffi ...

LSQ Monthly News Flash: December 2018

by Anna O'Brien

December 3, 2018

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here's the must-know for Luna Station this month: Issue 03 ...