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Featured Story

"One Last Ride on the Horse with Purple Roses"

by Jennifer Lee Rossman

Eleanor held the little monster’s paw as they walked through the park, ignoring the stares and laughter from passersby. This was their day, their last day, and she would not let anyone ruin it. The world did not exist. Not politics, the economy, nor the latest scandal in the entertainment industry. None of it. The entire universe had been shrunk to a tiny, bright bubble around the two of them, and nothing could break its surface. “Shall we get ice cream?” Eleanor asked. Gidget nod Read more...

Latest News

“The Potbellied Virgin” by Alicia Yánez Cossío

by Lale Davidson

October 17, 2018

One interesting characteristic of Latin American magic realism is that it often rejects the European Read more...

What the Movie Got Right: Reviewing “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”

by Rose Strickman

October 16, 2018

It may be blasphemy to say this, but in some ways, the movie was better. Don’t get me wrong: I Read more...

Location, Location, Location

by Beth McCabe

October 15, 2018

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." -- Carl Sagan La Read more...

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 8, 2018

by Anna O'Brien

October 13, 2018

Hello, dearest readers! Welcome to another wrap-up of the posts on our blog this week. Feel free to Read more...

Issue 035 Author Interview: Izzy Varju and “Dragon Fruit”

by Jen Gheller

October 12, 2018

Today, meet our Issue 035 author Izzy Varju as she discusses her short story "Dragon Fruit." LSQ: Read more...

“To Be Men’s Tyrants”: Margaret Cavendish

by Erin K. Wagner

October 11, 2018

On a busy day in 1667, Samuel Pepys (the famous diarist of seventeenth-century England) catches a gl Read more...

Issue 035 Author Interview: Wendy Nikel and “Rain Like Diamonds”

by Anna O'Brien

October 10, 2018

It's that time again -- we're excited to share an interview with our Issue 035 author Wendy Nikel ab ...

Book Review: Crystal Singer

by Wendy Van Camp

October 9, 2018

Book Title: Crystal Singer Author: Anne McCaffrey First Published: 1982 Anne McCaffrey was ...

How Much Will It Cost Me to . . .

by K C Maguire

October 8, 2018

. . . register my copyright or trademark? . . . hire a lawyer to help me? As a legal issues co ...

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 1, 2018

by Anna O'Brien

October 6, 2018

Welcome to the wonderful world of weekly wrap-ups! Read on for a re-cap of all the fantastic topics ...

Damn, that’s a nice looking book

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

October 5, 2018

After finishing the layout on Luna Station Press’s latest forthcoming novel (hint: it's mine!), I ...